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Looking to start your own vegetable garden?

Our market stall farm gate sales have proven very popular and one thing we often hear is that people aren't confident at building their own raised garden beds.

Here's the solution! We now have high quality, Australian made corrugated iron beds available to order. Made from high quality Australian steel, formed in one piece, then machine riveted together, these are much stronger than many of the cheap, imported flatpack varieties that are held together with multiple, small and fiddly nuts and bolts.

If you're new to growing your own healthy and tasty food, or just looking to spruce up your vegetable patch, designing a vegetable garden couldn't be easier!

Slimline Colorbond raised vegetable garden beds

Each bed is created from galvanised corrugated steel coated with a food grade polymer lining on the inside for added durability, then your choice of galvanised steel or Colorbond coatings in Paperbark® or Pale Eucalypt® or any of the following painted colours:

Headland®, Manor Red®, Jasper®, Sandbank®, Classic Cream®, Surfmist®, Dune®, Shale Grey®, Windspray®, Woodland Grey®, Bushland®, Wilderness®, Cottage Green®, Plantation®, Blue Ridge®, Deep Ocean®, Ironstone® or Night Sky®.

View the Colorbond ® colours here

Because the beds are tailored to suit your needs, you can select the size and shape that suits your space! The beds are available in either slimline or round shapes and a multitude of sizes. (see the table below)

Each shape is available in two heights, squat (500mm) or tall (1000mm) Round beds start at a diameter of 800mm to a maximum of 2400mm

Slimline beds have two extra dimensions, the width (or depth from front to back) and length. Starting from 600mm deep up to 1100mm deep (in 100mm increments) and lengths from 1200mm to 3000mm (in 200mm increments)

So there is a size to suit everyone!

All are available with a base at extra cost, to completely contain the soil, but we recommend the baseless option. This allows the soil to remain in contact with the ground, allowing worm access up into the bed and ensuring good drainage.

Why a raised vegetable garden bed and why in steel?

Raised Slimline Vegetable Garden Beds

Whether you want a circular vegetable garden or a slimline bed to suit a narrow space, raising your vegetable garden has many benefits. First of all, especially if you have a back problem, a raised bed minimises bending and makes tending to your new garden much easier. If you have heavy soils, raising the garden greatly improves drainage and keeping the bed above ground level, greatly minimises the invasion of weeds.

Steel raised beds have many advantages over other materials - Treated timber products can contain several toxic chemicals that could leach into the soil, hardwood timbers are expensive and concrete blocks and bricks are heavy to manage, not cheap and require some reinforcing to withstand the pressure of the soil. All require some basic building skills and tools to construct with.

The steel garden beds are lightweight (the smallest one shown here is easily carried by one person alone), durable, attractive and ready to use - simply put it in position and fill it up!

Prices start from $169 for a slimline, squat 1200x600 and $145 for a round squat 800mm diameter.

If you'd like more information on sizes, options, delivery and prices, fill out the contact form below. You will receive an automatic response shortly after the thankyou page. Inside that email you'll find a link to open and view/print the price sheet.

Please note: We are an Australian based website and cannot supply these overseas (with the exception of New Zealand)

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