How to create a Vegetable Garden of your own

Welcome to Grow your own Vegetable Garden.
Your one stop site on everything you need to know about planning, preparing and planting your own vegetable garden, fruit trees and berries. There really is nothing like the satisfaction of harvesting your own produce, the sensation and smells of preparing food that you grew yourself! You simply cannot get fresher than walking outside, picking what you need and cooking. Don't have much room? No problem! We cover container gardens as well.


Plus learn about sustainable gardening, vegetable and fruit gardening, keeping Chickens, Wessex Saddleback Pigs, Ducks and now, Dairy Sheep! Click here for more information

Amber Valley Farm - our FULL sized farm of sustainable living, farm fresh produce and farm house cheese - Website is up and running here

Also Available: Colorbond Raised Vegetable Garden Beds.

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I have been growing my own produce including fruit and berries for 15 years and have moved from pots to "strip" gardens to the luxury of space we now enjoy.

There is a plan and size for everyone, whether you have as little space as a balcony in an apartment, a suburban backyard or acreage. The principles and basic needs remain the same, just with minor variation. So if you're sick of semi-limp shop bought produce with no taste, read on!

We'll cover everything from:

I invite you to have a look around the site and if you like what you see, register to keep up to date with seasonal jobs, other visitors favorites and successes. Our members only area has even more and includes advice available from a qualified horticulturist with over 20 yrs experience. Or you can just enjoy and read the information available to all throughout my site.

My Vegetable Garden blog
Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden blog keeps you up to date with news, new pages and tips for your successful home vegetable garden
My Vegetable Garden Story
This is my vegetable garden story - how I ended up with a large vegetable garden, orchard and bantam chickens
Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden Market Stall
Our vegetable garden often produces more than we can eat, come visit our property, tour the gardens and select from a range of fresh, healthy produce for sale.
Vegetable Garden Designs
This Vegetable Garden page deals with design, construction, aspect and other basic needs for a successful Vegetable garden
Vegetable Garden Soil Preparation
Healthy Vegetable Garden soil is vital to successful growing. This page covers different soil types and how to
Vegetable Garden Fertilisers
Vegetable Garden fertilizers - a page about various animal manures, green manure, potash, lime and some chemical fertilizers
Vegetable Garden Plants
A list of vegetable garden plants, their planting information and needs. All you need to know about planting and growing your favorite vegetables
Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden - Sowing your own seed
This Vegetable Garden page deals with sowing your own seeds, sowing in punnets and cells for transplanting, as well as sowing direct.
Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden - Crop Rotation
Vegetable Garden Crop rotation is essential to maintaining healthy plants and good harvests, minimising pests and disease. Learn how here.
The Vegetable Garden in Spring
This vegetable garden page covers the planting and jobs that need to be completed in Spring
The Vegetable Garden in Summer
The Vegetable Garden in Summer is at it's most productive- this page looks at the typical summer crops and what to expect.
The Vegetable Garden in Autumn
The Vegetable Garden in Autumn is still a busy place. This page covers the next season planting, crop rotation and 'to do' list of jobs.
The Winter Vegetable Garden
The vegetable garden in Winter is often thought of a bleak and unproductive place, but this isn't true - This page covers the jobs to be done and the crops to grow in a Winter vegetable garden
Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden - Pests & Problems
This Vegetable Garden page is ever evolving, dealing with the various pests and disease that the average home vegetable gardener encounters.
Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden - Growing a potted vegetable garden
This Vegetable Garden Page is dedicated to those of you that have limited space. If you can fit a pot or two in a warm sunny position, you can grow fresh vegetables at home too!
Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden Library
Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden library - a collection of easy to follow beginners' guides to growing different fruit and vegetables as well as videos you can download
Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden - Gallery
This vegetable garden page features a collection of pictures from vegetable gardening enthusiasts from all over Australia.
Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden - How to preserve produce
This Vegetable Garden page covers a number of important points on preserving your excess produce. Covering Jams and Jellies, pickles, freezing and drying.
Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden - Keeping Livestock
This keeping livestock page is dedicated to our chickens, pigs & ducks. Easy to keep, we have a good supply of fresh eggs, newly acquired 'meat birds' and our newest residents, Wessex Saddleback Pigs
Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden Contact page
Use this vegetable garden contact page to ask questions. We'll endeavour to respond to you via email as soon as possible
Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden Privacy Policy
Grown your own vegetable garden privacy policy - read our policy in detail here
Grown Your Own Vegetable Garden Contact Form
Grow your own vegetable garden - use this form to contact us with general enquiries
Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden - Rainfall Map for Tasmania
This Vegetable Garden page provides a detail rainfall map for Tasmania, Australia for 2009
Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden - Members' Homepage
Welcome to the Vegetable Garden Members' Homepage- This page provides subscribed members only, with access to the restricted areas of the site.
Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden Succulent Page
This vegetable garden page has been added to highlight our other passion, succulents and other drought tolerant plants that we sell